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Natural treatments from a complementary and alternative medicine approach

Mind and Body Medicine
Every problem has a solution.
Feed your mind and body the right nutrients and it will overcome any ailment

Get your natural treatment plan from Dr.J

Mind and body medicine
Keys to achieving perfect health through balance
Detox your body of toxins that disrupt your metabolism, immunity, and homeostasis
Fortify your body with macro & miro nutrients to help fight disease and aid balance
Exercise daily to maintain structural integrity and cardiovascular health



Dr. Jesson Manukonda

Personal Consult (office or in home)
Consult with Dr. J for an all natural solution to your problem (any problem !)
Dr. J’s mind and body approach offer’s solutions for mental
and physical illnesses. Get remedies for so-called untreatable illnesses
Weight loss – Body restoration, turn past weight loss failures into success stories
Mind and body balancing (Resolutions for all mental and personal problems)
Pain management (revolutionary method offers significant pain relief in one session)
Disease treatment and management (diabetes to prostate cancer and many more)


Weight Loss before and after
Weight Loss
Step 1. 8 day detox plus weight loss = 8-10 lbs. Step 2. 10 day extreme weight
loss = 10- 14 lbs. Ultimate weight loss with metabolism booster & appetite
suppressant. Meal trays are for portion control. Plan includes a diet and
exercise plan and. All bases are covered for guaranteed success.


Natural Products – for everyday diseases
Most prescription drugs treat only the symptoms while the underlined disease which still persists.
What’s worse, most drugs has dreadful side effects.
Dr.J’s offer treatments for the most common diseases – obesity, hypertension, diabetes, fibroids, UTI, herpes, prostate cancer and many more.
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Overcome Diabetes Naturally Diabetes Treatments

I offer you an inclusive solution for naturally treating your diabetes without the dangers of prescription drug use. Overcoming Diabetes Naturally is a management and treatment plan that covers all the important areas of diabetes management. Your plan can be individualized based on the severity of the disease and your personal preferences, goals, and needs. Most importantly, the natural remedies are proven to treat and combat diabetes and its complications while reducing dependency on pharmaceutical drugs and health care costs.

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease. Together we can make lifestyle changes. I’m going to help you make them without difficulty. Believe you can succeed, because you can. Join our team of medical experts and have an online support system at your disposal. Get started today to put an end to your diabetes.

About the diabetes book

Ellen book cut


William Thompson, MD.“A new approach to diabetes care. The treatment plan is interactive and promotes self-evaluation… a great way to keep track of progress.”                                                                                

“The book offers hope and encouragement for people with diabetes. Quite well written; clever, informative… I would recommend it to all my patients with diabetes.” Ken Hastings, MD.

“Diabetes is a serious subject… drawing on the experience of others is a great way to learn about the disease.

The treatment plan is first rate.” Gina Wellington, Ph.D.“Fresh approach to diabetes treatment combining complementary and alternative medicine.” Howard Knoll, MD.

“Excellent positive writing style that left me with hope for diabetes control and survival. I recommend this book.” Clare Adams, Diabetes Patient.


Natural Health Support

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