How to Prevent or Treat Diabetes

Diabetes generally results from a life of making poor choices about diet and exercise. Research studies shows that the two most frequent contributing factors for diabetes are obesity and mineral depletion. A basic blood test known as a complete blood cell count (CBC) can be used to test for mineral and vitamins deficiency.

Why is this important? Your body requires key ingredients to make insulin, without them your pancreas (organ that makes insulin) is unable to meet its demand. Certain chemicals in food debilitate pancreatic function as well as cause insulin resistance in cell. When insulin resistance happens, your cells reject insulin and close its doors to glucose. Hyperglycemia is high levels of glucose in the blood stream. Glucose at high levels is toxic and results in damage to our blood vessels and organs.

Pre-diabetes or diabetes type I & II are serious medical conditions. The good news is that diabetes can be treated with changes in lifestyle practices.

1.   Avoid foods that are damaging.

2.   Supplement foods that enhance pancreatic function and decrease insulin resistance in cells.

These answers and more can be found in the book Overcome Diabetes Naturally. It’s a guide to diabetes management, treatment and prevention for children and adults. It has all natural solution that works. It will point you to smart eating habits that will help you lose weight and keep it off. Additionally, it lists foods that will enhance pancreatic function and decrease insulin resistance in the cells. I also lists foods that are harmful and should be avoided not only by diabetes but all who want to be healthy in a world of chemically toxic food. The best part is the exercise program that will help increase mineral absorption and also prevent its depletion, that cause of so many diseases today.

Many have succeeded on my plan and so can you. Beat diabetes, lose weight, prevent disease and stay healthy. Order your copy today.

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