Get the real facts on disease prevention and treatments from a complementary and alternative medicine perspective
Pharmaceutical drugs come with along list of side effect and treat only the symptoms

Mind and body medicine

Mind and body medicine


Breakthroughs in natural medicine treatments included:
Detoxing – cleaning the body of toxins that cause disease and interfere with its normal processes
Nutrition – fortifying the body of depleted nutrients that are vital for fighting disease and optimal function



Mind and body reconnect
Mind and body medicine – Calming the mind for its ego’s chatter. Addressing and restoring the mind and body disconnect
Exercising – strengthening the body to support its everyday functions
Natural medicines – herbs and essential oils repair poorly functioning and damaged systems


Stimulate the body's natural electrical energy

Stimulate the body’s natural electrical energy

Reflexology – pressure technique used to stimulate the body’s natural pathways along the nervous system to clear any blockages in the corresponding zones.

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