Weight loss system

All Natural Weight loss system for rapid weight loss by Dr. J

Step 1. Nutri TotalStart with the Nurti Total Vitamin plus Weight loss and Detox 8 day plan

(use together for optimum weight loss results)

Nutri Total Vitamin (Trace elements help greatly with fat burning)



Full body detox and weight loss



Step 2. Weight loss and detox for 8 days and lose 8-10 lbs



Lunck boxes set

Step 3. Dr.J’s Meat trays. Use the meal trays for proper portion control

(portion management is an important step for weight loss)




Extreme Weight Loss 10 day plan


Step 4. 10 day extreme weight loss plan for an additional 14 lbs of weight loss.




Ultimate Weigt Loss Set


Step 5. Ultimate weight loss drops for appetite suppression and metabolism boosting of 30 days


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