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Safe Can Opener

Safe Can Opener prevents metal shavings in your food

Safe Can Opener

The safe can opener is truly a revolution to can opening. Its unlike any traditional can opener. Did you know that every time you open a can with a traditional can opener, metal shavings from the lid fall into the can contaminating your food? You end up eating a paper clips worth of metal shaving for every three cans. With the safe can opener you never have this problem. You operate it like you would any can opener, but with one great advantage, the safe can opener attracts the metals shavings with its powerful magnetic cutting wheel as it cuts the lid. This prevents the metal shaving from falling into the can and contaminating your food. Prevent metal shavings from contamination your food today.

Safe Can Opener does all

  • Sharp, hardened stainless steel cutting wheel turns smoothly and stays sharp
  • S-shape, oversized knob is  a comfortable easy grip and smooth to turn
  • Magnet cutting wheel attracts metal shavings so they don’t fall into your food
  • Magnet cutting wheel cuts the lid and locks on to lid for easy, safe disposal
  • No more dusty, germy lids in your food or cuts to your fingers fishing for the lid
  • Easy clean, rinse under running water and wipe off the metal shavings with a dry paper towel


  • Dimensions: 2.13 x 10.5 x 4.25 inches
  • Color: White
  • Manufacturer: SHMD

Shipping details

Price: $9.99

Shipping: $ 3.99

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