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Overcome Diabetes Naturally

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 9780984105007

Editor: Proff. Ernie Nieratka

Length: 9.25”, Width: 6.25”, Thickness: 1”, Weight: 1lb 7oz

Pages: 268

Font: 12 (large)

Illustrations: Photographs, drawings, graphs and tables

Readership: Patients & doctors.

This book has everything you’ll need to know about diabetes, its complications and how to treat them.

It’s a complete reference guide and an easy read filled with illustrations.

Doctors use it as a reference guide in their practice.

Many have treated diabetes successfully using the all natural treatment plan and you can too.

Order your copy today, you’ll be amazed at the results.


Management and treatment for diabetes with natural remediesAuthor: Dr. Jesson Manukonda
Font Large (12)
Price: $39.99

International Orders shipping $22.50

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Shipping detailsPrice: $9.99Shipping: $ 3.99

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