Face Cream

Face Cream



·         Prevents acne

·         Tightens skin pores

·         Lightens blemishes

·         Repairs damaged skin

·         Restores elasticity in skin

·         Diminishes wrinkles

USE: twice per day:

·         Before going to bed at night

·         In the morning

Face preparation

Put your hair up out of your face

Face washing

Wash your face using Dr. J’s Face cleanser. To dry, pat your face gently with a towel. Don’t rub your face dry with a towel as this cause natural oil loss and excessive drying.

Always use a separate towel to dry your face and do not use your body towel.

Face cream use

Apply a generous amount of face cream to cover your face entirely.  Using a circular motion, rub the cream into your skin for 1 minute to help activate the cream. You may also apply cream to your neck.

For best results, let absorb naturally. Do not use a towel to remove excess. Use the back of your hand instead.

Enjoy your soft, youthful looking skin.


Dr. J.

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