Fibrocystic breast disease / Breast lumps management plan

Fibrocystic breast disease / Breast lumps management plan

Drops use

Step 1. Place 5 drops under your tongue and wait for 1 minute before swallowing or add to a glass of water, stir well and drink.

Step 2. Rub 4 drops over breast cysts for 1 min

Step 3. Rub 4 drops under the arm over lymph nodes area indicated by purple dots.

Fibrocystic breast disease lymph nodes






Left and right breasts

Fibrocystic breast disease feet






On the top of feet and in between big and second toe

Fibrocystic breast disease ear






Middle spine of the ear

Fibrocystic breast disease hands






Top of the palms & outer part of wrist .

Repeat 3 times daily and massage each side for 1 min.

Spray Use

Hold Dr. J’s  spray about 12” away from your face.  Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.

Spray away from your face twice, take in 3 deep breaths through your nose and repeat three times.

Use the spray 3 times a day, ½ – 1 hour after meals or for pain management.

Dr. J’s 30 day plan

Use management plan in conjunction with the 8 day detox diet and exercise plan.

Please download instructions:

1. Eat a fruit and vegetable diet during treatment. 2. Exercise daily. 3. Drink 8 glasses of water daily

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