Facial Mask (Clear skin essential)

Honey & Lemon Face Mask

Honey and Lemon Facial



·         Lightens blemishes

·         Prevents acne

·         Exfoliates

·         Tightens skin


USE ONLY once or twice per week, with a 3 day rest period in between to avoid drying of your skin.


Face preparation

Wash you face and remove all make up and lotions. Do not use a harsh soap.

As recommended, use only Dr.J’s Face Cleanser


Face washing

Wash your face with warm water for one minute; this will open your pores. Then take 2 table spoons of Honey & lemon facial mix and place in a separate container. Now dip your fingers into the mix and apply all over you face, using a circular motion for 1 minute. This will help to exfoliate the dead skin cells while forming a mask. You may also apply the mix to your neck, if you so desire.

CAUTION: Make sure you don’t get the mix into your hair or eyes.

Let sit for 10-15 min. Lay down and rest allowing the mask to work and try not to talk or move your face.

Rinse you face with warm water for 1 min to remove toxins. Then finish rinsing with cool water for 1 min, this will close the pores.

To dry, pat your face gently with a towel. Don’t rub your face dry with a towel as this cause natural oil loss and excessive drying.

Always use a separate towel to dry your face and do not use your body towel.

Enjoy your soft, youthful looking skin.



Facial care

Items needed

·         Clean face towel

·         Mild soap


1.       Always use a separate towel for you face. Do not use you same towel to dry your body or hands.

2.       Change you face towel 1-2 time per week, depending on your skin condition and skin type. If you have severe acne or oily skin then change your towel twice a week as this reduces bacterial growth build                  up.

3.       Always start by washing your face with warm water (1 min) to open up the pores, and then wash with a mild soap. Finish by rinsing with warm water (1 min) and, rinse again for 1 min with cool water to close            the pores.

4.       To dry your face, pat your face with a clean facial towel and never rub your face with a towel, as this removes all the natural oils, resulting in excessive dryness creating a face mask tightening effect.

5.        Be sure to change your pillow covers 1 or 2 time per week. Depending on the extent of you condition and your skin type, If you have severe acne or oily skin then change your towel twice a week.



“Hey Dr. J, My face feels great, hummmm.” Maureen.

“Your face wash has made me two shades lighter since I’ve started using it using it 2 weeks ago … I will recommend it to my family and friends.” Melisa

“The face kit is first class. My face feels really soft and silky after using your mask. It feel and looks great. We both thank you,…” Kendra.

“I clean may face with you cleaner every morning and at night, right before bed. I can’t wait to get into my bed these days with my 550 count white sheets. White sheets were never an option before, because of makeup marks. ” Rita.

“My face is clearing up and the vitamins are awesome. Your treatment plan is first rate.” Helen.

“The facial kit is grand. I was stopped in the street by a guy, who gave me his business card.”  Mandy.

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