Ultimate Weight loss Drops & Spray 30 day plan

Ultimate Weight loss Drops & Spray 30 day plan

This product expires after 68 day from date receipt (all natural no preservatives)

Items needed
• Warm or room temperature water
• Cup

How to use
Heat a cup of water over the stove and not in the microwave.
Pour warm or room temperature water into a cup, add drops recommended, and mixed together. Drink everything in the cup at once and do not sip like a tea.

Drink the mix first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach and do not eat or drink anything for 3 hrs or until lunch. You may drink water after an hour. Eat a healthy lunch and dinner using Dr. J’s outlined meal plan below. If extreme hunger arises use drops and spray or eat an early lunch or a snack form the list below.

Weight loss plan results
Cut portions from meal plan below to 2 ½ cups for 12 lb results.
Cut portions from meal plan below to 2 cups for 15 lb results.
Cut portions from meal plan below to 1 ½ cups for 20 lb results.
Check with your physician first.
Eating a healthy diet
The all natural ingredients remove toxins from your body and restore it to a natural healthy state. You will have regular bowel movements as these drops does not cause adverse changes. Eat only of fresh fruits and vegetable and avoid canned products while on this diet.

Exercise Plan
Exercise daily for 30-45 mins, 4-6 days a week. Start with fast walking if you are not in shape. For best results try a combination of 30 mins weight training and 35 mins cardiovascular exercises such as fast running. For a detailed exercise plan, please refer to exercises in section 4 of the book, “Overcome Diabetes Naturally”. http://www.stayhealthymd.com/products-list
Dr. J’ s meal plan
Breakfast – 7 am dose -1 cup warm or room temperature water. Mix with 10-15 drops of Ultimate weight loss drops, stir well and drink all at once and do not sip like a tea.

Lunch – all Fruits (up to 2 ½ cups total per meal)
• Plums 38 cal ½ cup*
• Peach 30 cal ½ cup*
• Kiwi 54 ½ cup
• Watermelon 46 cal 1 cup*
• Strawberries 49 cal 1 cup
• Papaya 55 cal 1 cup
• Cantaloupe 60 cal 1 cup
• Orange 43 ½ cup*
• Grapes 62 cal 1 cup
• Honeydew 64 cal 1 cup
• Raspberries 64 cal 1 cup
• Cherries 32 cal ½ cup*
• Blueberries 42 cal ½ cup
• Pineapple 41 cal ½ cup*
• Pear 48 cal ½ cup
• Grapefruit 51 cal ½ cup*
• Banana 53 cal ½ cup

Dinner – raw or steamed vegetables or salad (up to 2 ½ cups total per meal)
• Asparagus 27 cal raw 1 cup*
• Asparagus 40 cal cooked 1 cup
• Celery 18 cal raw 1 cup*
• Celery 27 cal cooked 1 cup
• Bok Choy 50 cal raw 1 cup
• Cucumber 16 cal raw 1 cup*
• Fennel 27 cal raw 1 cup*
• Radish 1 cal raw 1 cup*
• Cabbage 22 cal raw 1 cup
• Cabbage 17 cal cooked 1/2 cup
• Swiss chard 7 cal raw 1 cup*
• Swiss chard 35 cal cooked 1 cup
• Broccoli or Cauliflower 30 cal raw 1 cup*
• Broccoli or Cauliflower 54 cal cooked 1 cup
• Mushrooms (Portabella) 15 cal cooked 1 cup
• Carrots 52 cal raw 1 cup*
• Carrots 54 cal cooked 1 cup
• Spinach 7 cal raw 1 cup*
• Spinach 41 cal cooked 1 cup
• Kale 33 cal raw 1 cup*
• Kale 36 cal cooked 1 cup
• Beans 56 cal cooked ¼ cup

Foods with * are best. Use Dr. J’s portioned control meal trays for best results. http://www.stayhealthymd.com/products-list

All other time and in between meals use drops as recommended.

Vitamin use during detox: use Nutri- Total Vitamin after dinner

Use a homemade dressing: Mix 2 tbsp of vinegar & 2 tbsp of fresh lemon juice, add salt to taste and mix well.

Snack List – Two snacks allowed: 1. Between breakfast and lunch 2. Lunch and dinner (optional).
Eat either one apple, orange or peach

Water – Drink 8 glasses per day. Drink a glass of water with or after each meal.
You must drink 4 glasses of water by lunch, 7 by dinner and 8 by late evening.

Tips for success
• Stick to the diet for 8 days consecutively and DO NOT SKIP DAYS.
• Eat only fresh fruits and vegetable and drink only filtered water.
• Wash all fruits and vegetable well. Use Dr. J Fruit and vegetable wash (removes pesticides)
• Avoid dairy products, juices, canned foods, alcohol, tobacco and nuts while on this diet.
• Exercise daily

Good luck with your full body cleanse and weight loss plan
Stay focused and you will lose a great amount of weight.
For best results repeat plan until weight loss goal is reached.

Dr. J

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