Dear Dr. J,

Please accept my sincere thanks for consulting with me about my chronic health condition. I am sending you a friend. Your graciousness in serving others is appreciated. Best wishes for a sustained practice and a long and health life.

Denise O.


Dear Dr. M,

Thank you for helping me lose 14 lbs. Your 8 day detox and weight loss plan work really well.

Marcia S.


Dr. Jesson,

I hope you continue to inspire other to lose weight and be healthy as you did for me. You are truly a godsend.


E. Brown


Hello Dr. J,

I’m so glad the you were brought onto may life as you have complete change my perspective on health.


Kathy H.


Dr. Dr. J,

I have been praying for many years and waiting for someone to help me with my illness that I nearly gave up. Your arthritis and pain management treatment plan worked for me. Thanks for your encouragement.

Jean H.


Dear Dr. J,

Thanks for believing in me and your kind words. You are an inspiration. I got my blood sugar under control.

Mavis B.


Dear Dr. J,

I have been stuck at this weight for so long that I lost hope until you came along. Thanks for helping me lose the 38 lbs of stubborn weight.

Brenda L.


Dear Dr. J,

I have not had a decent night’s sleep in 10 years because of my bladder cysts and frequent urination problem. I sleep like a baby now, thanks to your in home exercise consults and your drops treatments.

A. Berry


Dear Dr. J,

I appreciate you taking the time to see me on such short notice. My blood sugar went down from 360 to 90. It was a rough at first but thanks to your push I made it through.

Thank you,

Pr. Brown


Dear Dr. J,

I got the job. Thanks for your help with my vertigo and headaches. I finally passed the interview and I start work next week. I need to reorder more of your vitamin, it give me energy all day.

Marcus G

Dear Dr. J,
I want to live on this stuff–I’m not even craving chocolate at 4:00 pm when I’m on it.
I don’t know what you put in the detox, but it tastes good and works!

Donna L.


Hello Dr.

I am writing this email to let you know I attended your seminar in Long Island and was very impress with you presentation, I purchased the 8 day detox and cleanse and lost 10 pounds, I enjoyed the program and have been sharing this information with others,

Thank you
Vida Murdock.

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